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Newspaper, The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post, 6/5/1721. Advertisements for A Diet Drink [for King's Evil and cancers, Susannah Andrews]; Julapium Asthmaticum (Asthmatick Julep); French Hungary Water; Tinctura Nervosa Cardiaca (Cordial Tincture for the Nerves); Italian Bolus (against the Venereal Disease, Scurvy and Rheumatism [!]); Alexipharmacum Grandissimum (grand preservative against the Lues Venerea, or Wilmot's Preservative) [all p.5]; Tinctura Amara Stomatica (Dr. Andrew's most famous, bitter, Stomach Tincture); Wright's Diuretick or cleansing Tincture [venereal disease]; Gibson's Horse Most Excellent Cordial Balls; Anodyne Necklace [with logo]; Royal Chymical Wash Balls; Steel Spring or jointed Trusses

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