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Newspaper, The London Journal, 22/6/1723. Advertisements for a missing apothecary's apprentice; a Certain Cure for Foundered Horses; Royal Beautifying Fluid; Surgeons, apothecaries druggists etc. labels; Antidote against Bugs; Royal Chymical Washballs [soap]; Remedy for broken-winded Horses [p.4]; Corroborating Lotion [for Gleets or Weakness, Stranguary and Diabetes and Rheumatism and Pleurisy]; Cordial for Cholick and Gripes [p.5]; Anti-Virulent Arcana, Salutary Wash and Strengthening Electuary [against Venereal Disease]; Odoriferous Tincture [for the teeth]; Hungary Water; steel spring or jointed Trusses; Volatile Smelling Bottle; Infallible cure for the King's-Evil; Wright's Approved Antivenereal Pills; Dr Kirleus Pills and Drink; Cordial Elxir [Certain and Infallible Cure for the Scurvy] [p.6]

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J. Peele

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