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Newspaper, The Country Journal: or, The Craftsman, 10/7/1731. Advertisements for Lyon's Grecian Washballs [soap]; Dr Rock's Tincture [for the teeth and gums]; Italian Bolus Against the Venereal Disease; Julapium Asthmaticum (Asthmatick Julep); Tinctura Nervosa Cardiaca (Cordial Tincture for the Nerves); Dr Rock's Incomparable Electuary for the Venereal Disease, Dropsy and Rheumatism, and Elixir for Gleets and Weakness [p.3]; Montpellier Little Bolus (for a Venereal Infection; Dr Pitcairn's Universal Purging Elixir (for Scurvy and Scorbuticlk Humors) [logo]; Specific Tincture for the Tooth-ache; Paralyticon seu Anima Nervosa (Chymical Essence for the Palsy); Sovereign Salve or Family Plaister [logo]; Great Carminative (for the Wind Cholick); Great Restorative (Hysterick Diseases); Nelson's Anti-Venereal Compound; Rock's Tincture for Curing the Teeth [logo]; Hungary Water; Princely Beautifying LotionBalsamic Electuary (for Gleets and Seminal Weakness; Dr Chamberlen's Anodyne Necklace [logo]

Production date
Production place
Covent Garden, London, UK
Production organisations
Caleb d'Anvers
R. Franklin [printer]

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