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Newspaper, The Country Journal: or, The Craftsman, 26/4/1735. Advertisements for Hungary Water; Dr Benjamin Godfrey's General Cordial; Little Italian Bolus against the Venereal Disease [p.3]; Montpellier little Chymical Bolus (for the Venereal Distemper); Specifick Injection or Lotion (against Gonhorreas and Claps); Electuary for 'Leprosy of any kind'; Electuary for Haemhorroids or Piles; Tinctura Nervosa Cardiaca (Cordial Tincture for the Nerves); Dr Richard Rock's Tincture (for toothache and the teeth [logo]); Great Restorative (for Hysterick Diseases); Hypo-Drops (for Melancholy in Men and the Vapours in Women); Incomparable Powder for cleaning the Teeth; Superlative Enlivening Drops (for Barrenness in Women and Impotency in Men); Prolifick Elixir (cures Barreness in Women and Impotency in Men); Dr Rock, Practitioner in Physick and Surgery [vignette of patient]

Production date
Production place
Covent Garden, London, UK
Production organisations
Caleb d'Anvers
H. Haines, at R. Francklin's [printer]

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