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Newspaper, The Country Journal: or, The Craftsman, 29/7/1738. Advertisements for Hungary Water; Dr Lower's Original Cholick Tincture; Dr R. Nelson's Compound (Anti-Venereal Electuary); Anti Syphilicon (for the Venereal Disease) [p.3]; most Noble Elixir for Hypochondriack Melancholy in Men and Vapours in Women; Infallible Remedy for Broken-Winded Horses; Chymical Liquor for the Eyes; Grand Specifick for Cleansing and Strengthening the Reins [kidneys]; Julapium Asthmaticum (asthmatic julep); Chymical Preparation (for Deafness); Prolifick Elixir (for Barrenness in Women and Impotenancy in Men); Great Carminative (for wind Cholick); Electuary ... cure for Hemhorroids or Piles; Cordial Quintessence of Vipers (cure of Impotency in Men and Barrenness in Women)

Production date
Production place
Upper-End of Bow Street, Covent Garden, London, UK
Production organisations
Caleb d'Anvers
H. Haines

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