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Newspaper, The Country Journal: or, The Craftsman, 8/1/1731-2. Notice of establishment of College of Surgeons in Paris [p.2] Advertisements for Sir Walter Raleigh's Cordial; Italian Bolus (against the Venereal Disease); Dissertation on the pox by Joseph Cam MD; Tinctura Nervosa Cardiaca (Cordial Tincture for the Nerves); julapium Asthmaticum (asthmatick Julep) [p.3]; Montpellier little Chymical Bolus (against the Venereal Disease); Hungary Water (Thomas Winstone); Royal Beautifying Fluid; Royal Chymical Wash Balls; Ramsay Surgeon and Man-midwife (Ruptures and Broken bellies); Treatise of the Venereal Disease (John Marten, Surgeon); Tinctura Mirifica (Tincture for the Stone and Gravel); Dr Richard Rock's Tincture for curing the Teeth; Prolifick elixir (for Barrenness in women and Impotency in Men); Universal Family Medicine (for the Scurvy); Chymical specifick Drops (for deafness, etc); Grand Specifick for Cleansing and strengthening the Reins [kidneys]); Dr Chamberlen's Anodyne necklace.

Production date
Production place
Covent Garden, London, UK
Production organisations
Caleb d'Anvers
R. Francklin

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