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Newspaper, New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal, 6/2/1841. Advertisements for: Dr Willard, Operative Dentist [ornate]; Daniel J. Hoyt MD, Physician and Surgeon; Infirmary for the treatment of Hernia or Rupture; Albany Lock Hospital (Dr. [and Professor] Cooke MD, DD, LLD) [p.3]; Resurrection or [Vegetable] Persian Pills; Jew David's or Hebrew Plaster (for local inflammation, Scrofulous affections, King's Evil, Gout, Inflammatory and Chronic Rheumatism [etc.]); Dr Evans' Beautifying Lotion; Dr Sterry's Hair Regenerator; Magnetic Odontica (for the teeth); Dr Prestcott's Pure Vegetable Medicines (Herodfrut [sic] Grand Restorative Pills, American Worm Physic, Botanic Cough Drops, Perfumatic Chilblain or Burn Ointment, Healing Salve [and 7 others]); Dr Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort (for Consumption and Liver Complaint[s]); Indian Purgative Pills, Dr Beach's Medicines and Dr Prestcott's; Eye and Ear Infirmary (Dr Josiah Crosby); Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam (Sampson Reed); Dr Carter's Compound Pulmonary Balsam; Oman's Boneset Pills; Dr M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea.

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