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Heaf multiple puncture apparatus (x2).

Made by/ H.G. EAST & Co./ OXFORD / PAT. No. 18908/53
Production organisations
H.G. EAST & Co.
The Heaf test is a skin test which was used until 2005 to reveal whether children and adolescents required the BCG vaccine against tuberculosis. The instrument has six short needles which injected a testing serum into the skin. The puncture site would then be re-examined 2-7 days later, and the level of blistering or papules (bumps) would reveal whether the patient had previously experienced some form of TB and had developed immunity. Those who had not would be referred for follow-up, e.g. an x-ray and the BCG vaccine.

Part 726.010

1403: Vaccinators, multiple puncture apparatus, vaccination pads, shields
Object Name:
antibody test
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