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Pure Alcohol Ampoules; E2391; Card box containing 2 Absolute Alcohol ampules and 1 Lignocaine ampule (and formerly 1 Procaine Hydrochloride, now removed).

Injections of/ Absolute Alcohol/ R.V.H. Aseptic Pharmaceutical Units
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R.V.H. Aseptic Pharmaceutical Units
Ampoules are small, sealed glass capsules containing liquid, often in a measured quantity ready for injections. Injections of absolute alcohol, otherwise known as pure, 100%, or dehydrated alcohol, have been used in a variety of ways over the 20th century. In most cases the injections have been experimental, or as an alternative when more standard procedures are not possible. Their uses range from killing nerve cells for pain relief, killing tumours in cancer patients, and stopping bleeding in severe cases.

The injections are relatively cheap and easy to administer, though they can be dangerous, as injecting too much alcohol can cause motor paralysis. As such, repeated smaller injections are recommended over one big injection. It is important to get the needle as close as possible to the site of treatment.

Nowadays, alcohol is more commonly used as an antiseptic to disinfect the skin before injection or surgery. Pure alcohol can be injected in some cases to treat specific illnesses or severe pain.

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