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A.1991.0001 - F. B. Fletcher, Family and Dispensing Chemist, Account Book [View Details]
A.1992.0001 - Dr C S Ward, Papers [View Details]
A.1992.0002 - William Blair-Bell, Papers [View Details]
A.1993.0001 - Leeds Environment Department, Archive Collection [View Details]
A.1993.0002 - A. Gordon Brace, Dispensing Chemist, Formula Notebooks [View Details]
A.1993.0003 - Prescription Book, J. Judge [View Details]
A.1994.0001 - Ida and Robert Arthington Hospital Collection [View Details]
A.1994.0002 - Crawford J. Pocock, Collection [View Details]
A.1994.0003 - Formula Book compiled by Benjamin Hayes [View Details]
A.1994.0004 - F A Barratt, Collection [View Details]
A.1995.0004 - Prescription Book, Unknown Chemist based in Sutton Coldfield [View Details]
A.1995.0005 - Prescription Book, Unknown Chemist based in Ely, Cambridgeshire [View Details]
A.1995.0006 - Recipe Book compiled by the Colyer and Knight families [View Details]
A.1995.0007 - Prescription book, Unknown Chemist in Sutton Coldfield [View Details]
A.1995.0008 - Formula Book produced by unknown chemist (based on Hugh Smith Formulae Medicamentorum) [View Details]
A.1995.0009 - Tottenham Local Board of Health, Clerk's Report Book [View Details]
A.1995.0010 - Formula book, possibly written by Dorothea Helena Kirkhoven [View Details]
A.1995.0011 - Arnold William Warrington Lea, Certificates [View Details]
A.1995.447 - E.D. Laking, Collection [View Details]
A.1996.0001 - York District Hospital, Dermatology Journals [View Details]
A.1996.0002 - Practical Pathology Students Notebook compiled by William Edward Thompson [View Details]
A.1996.0003 - F. Mitchell Chemist Limited, Collection [View Details]
A.1996.0004 - Alex Lockie, Dispensing and Veterinary Chemist, Account Books [View Details]
A.1996.0005 - Recipe Book compiled by William Ordway [View Details]
A.1996.0006 - Formula Book compiled by Standen Paine [View Details]
A.1996.0007 - Recipe Book compiled by Robert Barlow, Veterinary Surgeon [View Details]
A.1998.0001 - Wappler Archive [View Details]
A.1998.0002 - C M Watson Limited, Papers [View Details]
A.1999.0006 - Lily Nichols, Collection [View Details]
A.1999.0003 - Emily Parker, Lecture Notebooks [View Details]
A.1999.0004 - Medical Surgical Sundries Limited, Collection [View Details]
A.1999.0005 - Doreen Bottomley, Collection [View Details]
A.1999.0010 - Arthur Hughes Mann, Collection [View Details]
A.2000.0003 - Bradford Executive Council, ROTA Arrangements for Dispensing Medicines [View Details]
A.2000.0006 - Emily Parker (nee Warner), Papers [View Details]
A.2000.0007 - Tuck family, Blood Transfusions Scrapbook [View Details]
A.2000.0008 - Shirley Hoyes, Archive Collection [View Details]
A.2000.0012 - Recipe Book compiled by William J. Gatenby [View Details]
A.2001.0001 - Eschmann Equipment, Archive [View Details]
A.2001.0002 - Grace Skuse, Archive Collection [View Details]
A.2002.0001 - Wharfedale Medical Society, Papers [View Details]
A.2002.0002 - St. John Ambulance Brigade, Birmingham B Corps, Scrapbook [View Details]
A.2002.0003 - Richard Gordon Quick, Collection [View Details]
A.2003.0003 - Doris and Ethel Day, Archive Collection [View Details]
A.2003.0004 - Alice Quincey Linnell, Collection [View Details]
A.2003.0006 - Adelaide Lilian Adamson, Collection [View Details]
A.2003.0008 - Recipe book compiled by John Cockburn Ross [View Details]
A.2003.1 - Leeds Regional Hospital Board Circulars [View Details]
A.2003.1609 - Melanie Worthington (nee Spring), Collection [View Details]
A.2004.0002 - Thackray's Chemists Shop: Formula Books and Cards [View Details]
A.2004.0004 - Phyllis Irene Adamson, Collection [View Details]
A.2004.0005 - Hanna Roseboom, Collection [View Details]
A.2004.0006 - Michael Martin, Hearing Aid Archive [View Details]
A.2004.0007 - Prescription Book, Reinhardt's Chemists [View Details]
A.2004.1 - Eileen Butler, Archive Collection [View Details]
A.2005.0002 - Register of the Patients Admitted, Died and Discharged in the Hunslet Cholera Hospital, 1849 [View Details]
A.2005.1815 - Gladys Lofthouse, Collection [View Details]
A.2006.0001 - Records relating to treatment of Skin Diseases, compiled by Dr W E Alderson [View Details]
A.2006.0002 - Recipe Book compiled by David Taylor [View Details]
A.2007.0001 - Mary Evelyn Essex Carter, Lecture Notebooks [View Details]
A.2007.0003 - Dr A. Irby Webster, Account Books [View Details]
A.2007.0004 - Handford and Dawson Limited, Dispensing Chemists, Prescription Books [View Details]
A.2008.0002 - Formula Book compiled by W. Sharp, Chemist and Druggist [View Details]
A.2009.0001 - Mr Atkin's and J. J. Thomas and Son, Prescription Book [View Details]
A.2009.0002 - Prescription Book, J. J. Thomas and Son [View Details]
A.2009.0003 - J T Ingram, Professor of Dermatology, Collection [View Details]
A.2009.0004 - Lecture notes compiled by Dr Rhodes Heygarth [View Details]
A.2010.0001 - Wharfedale Medical Society Records [View Details]
A.2004.0003 - Alexander Robinson, Collection [View Details]
A.2010.0003 - Charnley's Centre for Hip Surgery, Internal Publications [View Details]
A.2010.0004 - Formula Book, St. Mary's Hospital Pharmacy, Manchester [View Details]
A.2010.0005 - Surgical Innovations Limited, designs for instruments used with Laparoscopic Obturator and Cannula Systems [View Details]
A.2010.0006 - Notebook recording Pharmacopoeia at Leeds General Infirmary, Hull and Sculcoates Dispensary, Birmingham General Hospital and Leeds Union Infirmary [View Details]
A.2011.0001 - Downs Bros. Limited, Archive [View Details]
A.2015.0002 - Prescription Book, Wardley and Clarke Pharmacists, Tonbridge [View Details]
A.2015.0004 - Prescription Book compiled by John Evenden, Tonbridge [View Details]
A.2016.0001 - Thackray Medical Museum Medical History Lecture Advertisements, 2000-2016 [View Details]
A.2021.3 - Pam Harris (nee Chambers), collection [View Details]
A.2022.1 - The Times Newspaper Supplement - The National Health Service First 10 Years [View Details]
A.2022.2 - Newspaper, The Light Issue 19 [View Details]
A.2022.3 - Newspaper, The Light Issue 18 [View Details]
A.2023.0011 - Pomeroy Company, Scrapbook [View Details]
A.2023.0012 - E. G. Elbourne, Chemist, Collection [View Details]
A.2023.0013 - Prescription and Formula Book compiled by Thomas Bell, Chemist [View Details]
A.2023.0014 - Prescription Book compiled by John Stafford [View Details]
A.2023.5 - I L Bruce, Lecture Notes [View Details]
A.2023.8 - Photographs relating to blood donations and transfusions [View Details]
A.2024.0002 - Royal Jennerian Society certificate belonging to Captain Jones [View Details]
A.2024.0004 - Memorandum and Articles of Association of Leeds Jewish Herzl-Moser Hospital [View Details]
A.2023.6 - T. Tomlinson Pharmacy Collection [View Details]