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Portable Anaesthetic device by Bengué, with box

Dr. W. J. YOUNG, / Harston, / Cambrdige, / Tel : Harston 267.
DR BENGUÉ'S ANESTILE. / Bengué & Co ltd, Manufacturing Chem 24 Fitzroy Street, London, W.1.
NOTICE. The Gross Weight of this Package is marked on the left side of the box. On receipt it should be weighed, and if the weight does not then agree with this, it should be at once returned intact, as no claim for leakage can be entertained after the seal has been broken.
No. of Cylinder: 0702 / AUTOMATIC ANESTILE / 75 grms. / Gross Weight: 10 1/4 ozs.
Production date
circa 1910-1936
Developed by Dr Bengué, a French anaesthetist, and his chemical manufacturing company in London, Bengué & Co. Ltd., this portable canister was used to transport and apply anaesthetic gas to patients. In this case, the anaesthetic is Anestile, manufactured by Bengué, which was a 5:1 ratio ethyl chloride to methyl chloride.

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