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Dalkon shield brand, standard size (multiparous model) intrauterine contraceptive device, sealed in packet

Inscription at front of card insert reads: D a l k o n S h i e l d INTRAUTERINE DEVICE U.S.Patent 3,633,574 STERILE PACK/ READY TO USE IMPORTANT: The contraceptive effectiveness of the Dalkon Shield depends upon its proper placement high in the uterine fundus. In order to achieve this, specific insertion instructions are recommended. Please read the enclosed package insert carefully! CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Top of card reads: STANDARD (Multiparous model) A.H. Robins Company 1407 Cummings Drive Richmond, Virginia 23220 Inscription on outer packet reads in frame: Contents are sterile provided package is neither opened nor damaged before use. Back of card has instructions for insertion and contra indications with warnings
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Having a baby now largely a choice for both women and men, assisted by innovations in contraception. Many of contraception devices are aimed at women, as the responsibility for sexual and reproductive health usually falls to them.

Part 58.014

1811: Contraceptives
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intrauterine device
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